Budgets are spent and lost on digital advertising. Over half of the $14 billion spent on digital advertising in 2013 was lost to non-viewability. The out of home (OOH) advertising industry, led by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), wanted to prove the unique strengths and marketing effectiveness of OOH. In a world where digital is suffering a reality problem PNYC wanted to demonstrate how OOH – a real, tangible and quantifiable medium – can drive consumers to digitally engage with brands.


We worked alongside PNYC to create the campaign identity. Launched during New York City’s Ad Week 2015, the copy lines were targeted to agencies, specific executives, and locations to prove the strengths and effectiveness of out of home advertising while making a larger call to the public to engage with the real world. The campaign design is intensely bold and minimal to support the thought provoking copy. Because of its simplicity it was imperative to set up a design system for the team to follow.  


The buzz was constant over the 6 month campaign life. There were 30,000 unique website views and 40% of those views were media and advertising professionals. Viewers were engaging with each piece and posting to their network – demonstrating that if out of home advertising is highly targeted and intriguing you can organically gain an online presence.